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chevrolet corvette c3 wikipedia - the chevrolet corvette c3 was a sports car that was produced by chevrolet for the 1968 through 1982 model years engines and chassis components were mostly carried over from the previous generation but the body and interior were new it set new sales records with 53 807 produced for the 1979 model year the c3 is the third generation of the chevrolet corvette and marks the second time the, 1976 chevrolet corvette for sale on classiccars com - there are 50 1976 chevrolet corvettes for sale today on classiccars com more listings are added daily email alerts available, c3 corvettes rubber bumper era 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 - you are currently viewing c3 corvettes spanning from 1973 to 1977 while you will find some exciting features and changes over these 5 years some years saw very few changes though the models still fared well, 1976 chevrolet corvette c3 production statistics and facts - the 1976 corvette included a modified hood that changed the air induction system to pull air from further forward over the radiator this eliminated a howl that could be heard in the cabin due to the old intake placement next to the front window, 1968 1976 corvette shifter console restoration corvette - 1968 1976 corvette shifter console restoration the console area is a focal point in any corvette interior any time you have to shift gears or use the heater or air conditioner you are drawn to this area if this area in the corvette does not look good it will make the rest of the interior look below par restoring the 1968 1976 corvette console is a fairly easy task, corvette specifications manual for c3 chevrolet corvettes - covers all c3 corvette models these manuals were supplied to corvette dealers and covered all specifications and described all options in detail these manuals are in adobe pdf format and you will therefore need adobe reader installed on your computer in order to download them, 1963 1976 corvette steering relay rod rebuild corvette - 1963 1976 corvette steering relay rod rebuild on manual steering 1963 1976 corvettes the relay rod is often overlooked when attempting to fix sloppy steering however it can be one of the leading causes of an ill feeling steering wheel in a previous article we showed you how to rebuild your corvette s steering box now we re moving to the relay rod, c3 corvette differential and axle codes 1977 to 1982 - this site is for corvette c3 enthusiasts and has lots of information pertaining to corvettes built between 1968 and 1982, 1977 c3 corvette ultimate guide overview specs vin - 1977 c3 corvette 1977 corvette overview a significant milestone coinciding with the arrival of the 1977 corvette happened in a year that was full of impressive milestones on may 25 1977 the film world would be changed, c3 corvette parts corvette parts and accessories - the c3 corvette a k a third generation corvette was produced by general motors for the 1968 1982 model years the styling of the new c3 was considerably different than its predecessor with a longer fully redesigned body and interior, 1975 c3 corvette ultimate guide overview specs vin - 1975 c3 corvette 1975 corvette overview the 1975 chevy corvette along with the automotive industry as a whole would experience a significant transformation at the onset of the new model year because of serious health issues and, how to replace c3 corvette urethane bumpers hobby car - a major problem with the 1974 and later c3 corvettes is that the urethane bumpers crack and disintegrate over time these days we have flexible fiberglass replacement bumpers that do not crack and disintegrate like the urethane do, c3 corvettes for sale 1968 1982 buyavette - c3 stingray mako shark classic and vintage corvettes for sale financing available at corvette dealership in atlanta georgia, corvettes for sale used corvette trader marketplace - welcome to corvette trader classifieds where you will find hundreds of used corvettes for sale by owner and dealers sell your classic corvette for free, classic corvettes for sale american dream cars - classic corvettes for sale corvette convertibles corvette roadsters corvette stingray split window coupes 1954 corvette custom nomad station wagon one off, why the c3 corvette s bad rap is beginning to fade - if you are of a certain age the thought of a c3 corvette the third generation of america s sports car 1968 82 includes images of middle aged men in members only jackets who purchased one to ease the pain of a mid life crisis back in my high school days in the 1980s my friends and, 1969 corvette 427 convertible for sale 4 900 - the history of the chevrolet c3 corvette 1968 1982 enter the c3 generation the longest of all runs for on generation a total of 15 years this generation of the corvette had its high points and its low points, c3 parts for sale wanted corvetteforum chevrolet - c3 parts for sale wanted c3 corvette performance parts rare nos and nla chevy parts wheels tires exterior enhancements aftermarket, 1958 to 1960 chevrolet corvette for sale on classiccars com - there are 60 1958 to 1960 chevrolet corvettes for sale today on classiccars com more listings are added daily email alerts available, gmdownunder classic cars corvettes for sale australia - 1958 corvette period correct 283 230 hp engine casting number 3849852 dated k114 4 speed manual transmission correct air cleaner and upper ignition shielding